An unforgettable Lapland experience and restaurant for all senses

Santamus is a very special restaurant experience for all. Are you looking for a unique Lapland themed setting for an important get together or unforgettable surroundings for an evening party or meeting in Rovaniemi?

Welcome to the mysterious Santamus, just 8 kilometres from the town centre of Rovaniemi. Located in the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle, Santamus beckons you to open your senses and enjoy the moment; our restaurant serves organic and local cuisine in a Lapland themed setting with once-in-a-lifetime programmes.

Inside Santamus you will find elements of authentic Lapland nature, such as a rippling stream, a pond and trees. Dim lighting, candles and an open fire create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Find real gold in Santamus: one of our most popular programmes is gold panning.


Santamus dinner lunch and brunch in santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Lapland Finland

Santamus is The restaurant to experience when in Rovaniemi. Our Santamus kitchen in Santa Claus Village favours local and organic products and seasonal ingredients, and we organise open brunches, lunches, and dinners for all. Our servings and menus are carefully designed to suit the mood and spirit of Santamus and your event.